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69 / 666

By Joseph M. Gant

The Venus traps upon your face
Now gag on flies of my decay.
The hollow cavern stroked by sun
Echoes- a tomb where love was born.
-------Eaten hard, forever now swallowed;
-------I fed you joy, the blade but followed.

As wine that runs upon the table,
That burning touch so soothing done.
The pea beneath the shell was rotten;
Oh how I played your wretched game.
-------The trickery of deception cheaply sold,
-------Returned well to an acrid, fleshy fold.

Your hymn now silent as the slave's
Bound whore; sixty-nine / six-six-six:
The signature of what you've beaten
Eaten by the widowed Earthly sound.
-------Out of key, the heartstrings fell-
-------A devil plucks them just as well.

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