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Show your love of Sex and Murder wherever you go with our new line of merchandise.
Just click on the item to start your order.

--This Women's Cap Sleeve---------------------------This Men's Polo, which
T-Shirt is available with black,
------------------------features our reverse logo,
---red, or brown sleeves.----------------------------comes in black, red, or navy.

Wear you freak flag proudly
-------------------------Enjoy your morning coffee
---with our S&M thong.----------------------------with a little Sex and Murder.
----------------------------------------------Also available in large mug and stein styles.
-----$9.99----------------------$12.99 - $16.99
Get an official Sex and Murder
------------------------Start your kid off right
--Logo T in either blue, white,---------------------with a Sex and Murder onesie
-pomegranate, cinder, or dijon.-----------------------in white, pink, or blue.

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