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Issue 1

Sex and Murder

Volume 1
Issue 1
August, 2009

All content is Copyright © 2009 of its respective author. All authors and artists within reserve all rights to their respective works. Works are published with permission from their respective author or artist. No content of this magazine may be reused in any way without the express written permission of its author or artist

Angela’s Rising
Kevin Brown

whatever you may believe
David McLean

Predatory Fish
B.L. Morgan

Death Stare
William Andre Sanders

for Edmund Kemper
David McLean

Doug McIntire

Pushed at Both Ends
Joseph M. Gant

Down at the J and Flying
Joseph M. Gant

The Other Side
Philip Roberts

Concrete Jungle Safari

tissue boxes for shoes

How Far Can This Go?
Douglas Allen Rhodes

Cover art “Oppressive Nights” by Rami Hassam.

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