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Issue 8

Sex and Murder

Volume 1
Issue 8
March, 2010

All content is Copyright © 2009-2010 of its respective author. All authors and artists within reserve all rights to their respective works. Works are published with permission from their respective author or artist. No content of this magazine may be reused in any way without the express written permission of its author or artist.

Being Megan
AJ Brown

Joseph M. Gant; Poet in Residence

Joseph M. Gant; Poet in Residence

Andrew Bowen

Next Time
Catfish McDaris

blood on the sheets
David McLean

Long Live the King!
Sean Greenhill

Another Hard Shift
David S. Pointer

David S. Pointer

Tim’s Big Night
John Hill

Quaint From a Distance
Maggie Garavaglia

Maggie Garavaglia

Dead Wives
Julie Ann August


Theresa C. Newbill and Harris Whitman


Mathias Nelson

Secret Sauce
Josh Olsen

Slaughterhouse Sweetheart
John Mcnee

Cover Art: “Enslave” by Dave Caulder

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