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Shock Value

By Kaye Spivey

Here comes the cool
Spray that coats our eardrums.
Next there will be a collapse
Of everything we believe.
Where's the moral high ground
We've waded so deep in?
Did we slip and fall in it?
Or were we
To safety from everything
And clean?
It started with a twinkle,
That liquid metal smile
That comes before a lightning
It captured us
And we bathed in it.
We washed off the many colored
Spectrum of light.
There we were knee deep,
And beneath the surface
We squished our toes comfortably
In the grime and filth
And we pretended we were made
Of its stench.
We decided
Ashes to ashes
Was another name for the sewer
To hell
And we picked up reality
And floated straight through it.
We sucked the pale urine
Through our noses
And giggled off the chaos
Of sunlight
And dancing
And blue skies
That are only pitying our
Only that daily air
We have to breathe
Before we clog up our vision
With the world we can't even imagine;
A world that's cold
Beneath the blisters
On our skin.
We close our eyes
And we can all hold a weapon now.
Fuck life, love, and beauty,
We are the new generation,
We are the ones
Who want
To see you die.

Congratulations Human kind.

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