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sweet secrets

By Puma Pearl

you give great head he said.
sweet words still move me.
i hold books and secrets,
collect whispers, sighs and moans,
rewind, replay, rewind, replay..

get on your knees and tell me, tell me,
tell me again - who you are, what you are-
i promise you i will believe you this time,
and you promise me nothing, you just move
your sad mouth, you're sad as Sid Vicious
My Way in an empty room…

you don't know, you'll never know how many times
i saved coffee cans and beer for you, and on your birthday
i ate red velvet cupcakes, wrote poems searching
searching, searching for the moment,
finding nothing but abandoned nights
of tangled purple sheets, fevered dreams

wooden boards lie beneath empty bedsides,
the body remembers and leaves room
for ghosts and zombies, ghosts
and zombies, ghosts, zombies…

and books and secrets

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