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Issue 3

Sex and Murder

Volume 1
Issue 3
October, 2009

All content is Copyright 2009 of its respective author. All authors and artists within reserve all rights to their respective works. Works are published with permission from their respective author or artist. No content of this magazine may be reused in any way without the express written permission of its author or artist.

Roses in the Gutter
S.C. Hayden

Amok Dancer
Charles A. Muir

The Flesh and the Bone
Anthony Beal

Midnight Strokes
Joseph M. Gant

Pick a Part
Joseph M. Gant

Dev Jarrett

Middle Passage
Aaron Polson

Westward Wind
Robert Collins
(No Longer Available)

Issue 3: October, 2009

Issue three of Sex and Murder Magazine is packed to the hilt with stories of the horrific and obscene. We've got supernatural hookers, Lovecraftian dimensions, demon babies, and an end of the world story that will leave you speechless. If you like your horror dark, then come inside and see just how good it can feel to be scared.

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