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Issue 4

Sex and Murder

Volume 1
Issue 4
November, 2009

All content is Copyright 2009 of its respective author. All authors and artists within reserve all rights to their respective works. Works are published with permission from their respective author or artist. No content of this magazine may be reused in any way without the express written permission of its author or artist.

Rodney Ramos

Words of the Unprofound
Joseph M. Gant

Use Some Sense if Anything
Joseph M. Gant

Mirrored Table Top
Joseph M. Gant

Chris Reed

Thirst of a Thousand
G.A. Buchholz
(No Longer Available)

Surgical Innovations
Deborah Walker

Alien Satisfaction
Deborah Walker

Porn Star Valkyrie Slaughter
Ward Crockett

Pest Control
Hal Kempka

Into the Burbs
Dave Erlewine

Allen Huntsman

Eyes that Melt Wings
Nik Korpon

Jeff Lacy

Issue 4: November, 2009

Issue 4 of Sex and Murder Magazine takes you into the deepest depravities of the human--and inhuman--soul. Porn Star Valkyries ride into battle beside sex-torture serial killers, several species of vampires, late-night diner mobsters, and a host of demented fiends. If you like your horror dark, come inside and see how good it can feel to be scared.

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